We verify and authenticate the digital identity of your customers.

In the age of the internet and digital services, the question of digital identity is crucial and presents itself as the solution to tomorrow’s security challenges. Allowing customers to log in to their bank accounts, access public services, or transfer documents while preserving the security of their data is now possible thanks to AI technologies and automated processing developed by specialized players.


However, the need for human involvement in verification remains necessary, either due to legal requirements or in case of technical failures, and that’s where we come in.


Our services help you achieve compliance with your internal objectives and national or international regulations. We ensure the continuity of your services with your partners while preserving conversion costs.


We consolidate your security and that of your customers.

Monidoc can intervene in various situations, such as during the account opening process or when technology fails to process a request or raises doubts. In such cases, our agents immediately receive a ticket request and manually handle the authentication process after visual inspection and, if necessary, comparison of the submitted documents.


We help you fight fraud.

Internet fraud has become an increasing threat in our interconnected modern society. With the growing digitization of business transactions, communications and personal data fraudsters have found new opportunities to exploit online users and businesses across all sectors.


Identity theft on the internet has devastating consequences for companies and public services. Customers’ sensitive information can be compromised, leading to financial losses, costly legal disputes, and damage to a company’s reputation.


Our verification agents are duly qualified to check identity documents and legal papers. They receive continuous training on fraud detection related to documents: counterfeiting, forgery and impersonation. They are also trained in customer relationship management to meet the requirements of speed and efficiency. The customer onboarding process is certainly the most sensitive part of the customer experience, as it often represents the first contact between the customer and the company.