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Protect minors
and your business.

Age verification on adult websites is of crucial importance in our digital society. Due to the easy access to the internet, it is essential to implement rigorous mechanisms to protect minors from exposure to inappropriate content and prevent sexual exploitation.


It is also a legal requirement in many countries. Governments recognize the importance of safeguarding minors and have established strict regulations in this regard. Adult websites must comply with these regulations to avoid serious legal consequences and preserve their credibility. Given the significant traffic generated, automated control solutions appear to meet this requirement.


Whether you have chosen an automated or manual solution, Monidoc accompanies you in the real-time age verification of individuals accessing your platform. The verification process is conducted instantly and transparently.


Know your customer

We strengthen your security and that of your clients.

Client Acquisition and Integration

Enroll your future customers without worrying. In case of AI system failure, we take over and process the authentication request immediately.

Legal Document Control

We ensure the proper compliance of contracts or legal documents, such as identification documents, supporting documents, invoices, etc.

KYC and AML Compliance

Our procedures help you remain compliant with the strictest national and international regulations.

Fraud Prevention

Our verification actions allow you to prevent fraud, protect your customers and maintain your brand image.

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Whether your verification processes are automated or manual, Monidoc’s services ensure continuity of services for your clients and partners while preserving conversion costs.

What are the benefits for your company?

With Monidoc, never miss an opportunity again. Enroll your clients securely with the help of our verification agent teams.

Service continuity guarantee

Regulatory compliance

Protection against fraud

Smooth and fast verification

No interruption in the customer experience

Increased conversion rate

Enhancement of your brand

24/7 Availability

Services in multiple languages

Low costs

What are the benefits for your clients?

With Monidoc, your services and your company inspire trust, the main driver of any long-term business relationship.

Smooth and transparent process

Enhanced customer experience

Assistance throughout the procedure

Immediate response

Uninterrupted service

24/7 Availability

Services in multiple languages

Thinking Digital

We accompany you in a rapidly changing technological world.

Monidoc helps your business adapt to this rapid evolution. Our expertise allows us to assist you in verifying documents and contracts to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations. Our services meet the needs of small and large businesses, whether they operate locally or internationally.


Our services enable you to provide streamlined processes to your clients while meeting increasingly complex regulatory requirements. They help you reduce document fraud, increase productivity, and improve your conversion rate.

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Monidoc is a Prestaweb brand, a contact center, and a BPO specialized in the technology sector since 2014.


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Our multilingual center manages daily interactions for our clients in multiple channels and six languages.