Identity verification

We intervene during the enrollment process in case of doubt or system failure.

Fraud prevention

Secure your sales channels, reduce fraud, and increase your conversion rates.

Document compliance

We ensure the proper compliance of your contracts by verifying legal documents.

Our objective

Connecting great businesses with their customers

In the age of the Internet and digital services, digital identity is a major concern and holds the key to tomorrow’s security challenges. Allowing customers to connect to their banks, government services or transfer documents while safeguarding the security of their data is now possible thanks to AI technologies and the automation of the procedures developed by specialized players.


However, the need for human involvement in verification remains necessary, whether due to legal requirements or technical failures and that’s where we enter in.

24/7 Services

Our services are available without interruption, 365 days a year.

French, English, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and more.

We offer solutions for every interaction channel.


Our services adapt to your real needs.

Know your customer

We strengthen your security and that of your customers.

Customer acquisition and integration

Enroll your future customers without worrying. In case of AI system failure, we take over and process the authentication request immediately.

Legal Document verification

We ensure the proper compliance of contracts and legal documents such as identification documents, proofs, and invoices.

KYC and AML compliance

Our procedures help you stay compliant with the strictest national and international regulations.

Fraud prevention

Our verification actions allow you to prevent fraud, protect your customers and maintain your brand image.

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Our solutions

For which activities?

While technology facilitates exchange for a large number of individuals and businesses, it also brings forth new standards, security rules  and ethical questions.

Banking & Finance

Enroll your customers safely and quickly while complying with KYC and AML regulations.


Our teams ensure the proper compliance of contracts and legal documents.

Online gaming

In case of doubt or technical system failure, we verify identity and age.


We help you combat fraud and identity theft during line activations.


We assist you in reducing fraud and increasing your conversion rate.


Is your content intended for adults only? We help you comply with legislation.

Thinking Digital

We accompany you in a rapidly changing technological world.

Monidoc supports you when technology has not been able to process a request technically or in case of doubt. Our agents immediately receive a request in the form of a ticket and instantly process manual authentication after visual inspection and, if necessary, comparison of the submitted documents.


Our services ensure compliance with your internal objectives and national or international regulations. We ensure the continuity of your services with your partners while preserving conversion costs and your brand.


Years of experience

Monidoc is a specialized contact center and BPO in the technology sector since 2014.


Monthly interactions

Our multilingual center manages daily interactions for our clients through multiple channels and in 6 languages.